Friday, December 11, 2009

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  • December 11, 2009

    How to become a better bowler.

    i love to bowl and well i figured id make a blog to help people improve their bowling skills.

    I hope these hints and tips will help you and they should if you do them right. Iv been bowling since i was three and i fell in love with it the first time i rolled the ball, it took me 3 years to become a good bowler and i had to have ALOT of practice!! but the more i did the better i got, though i will admit it's not easy if your a 1st timer. Just never give up and i promise you will enjoy it as much as i do!

  • 1st your bowling shoes: make sure that they are a perfect fit, (to tight or loose less improvement) and always make sure that they have the right amount of padding inside for comfort.
  • 2nd your Bowling ball: you always want to condition your ball before each game it will (slide better) now make sure you have an oil towel to wipe your ball after each throw. to reduce the oil on your ball caused by the lane.
  • 3rd Holding your grip: with he holes, you never want to stick your fingers all the way in the ball if you have big hands, if you do it might cause your fingers to get stuck and it will mess up your release. make sure you easily slide them in (do not force them) and just easily grasp the ball remember your left hand will be on top of the ball holding it as well.
  • 4th bowling: if you are a right handed bowler always remember to hold your ball in the center of your body, this will allow you to release the ball more easily. with your right hand in the holes and your left hand on top of the ball holding it in place. now always take 5 steps towards the lane on your 5th step raise your right leg behind your left (this will allow you to keep your balance) and release your ball.
  • 5th aming for the pins: you always want to stay 2 boards to the right and aim for the second and third pin, and applying as much power as possible, with just enough hook to the left (when you have all 10 pins). and you must always remember to never apply to much hook to the left or right because it will cause your ball to go into the gutter.

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